Childfree Wealth Book Update – January 2022

Jay Zigmont, PhD, CFP®

It has been a month since I first launched my survey and research on Childfree Wealth and Finances.  In that time, 100 people have completed the survey, and 5 have done the interview!  I’m so happy with the response.  Only 900 surveys and 95 interviews to go!

Bonus Update: Portraits of Childfree Wealth is now available for order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and everywhere books are sold. 

Some interesting preliminary findings from the surveys:

  • There is a recurring theme around “Time.” It may be that the most significant benefit to being Childfree is the time we gain.  Time to do what we want, when we want.
  • Being Childfree does not automatically mean you have money. The sample so far says that Childfree folks are not exempt from significant wealth disparities.
  • While incomes and net worth vary greatly, only 15% of the responses had any credit card debt, much less than the national average of around 50%. We will have to see if this trend continues.
  • I’m surprised that most of those surveyed do not have disability insurance.
  • Growing up in poverty (or poor), medical issues and the environment are common themes in why people chose to be Childfree.

On the interviews:

I’m turning the interviews into ‘portraits’ of being Childfree.  Each person’s story deserves to be heard and shares an interesting perspective.  I’m not 100% sure how I will use these portraits, but I want to share one with you now.  Maggie is a portrait of strength.  She is widowed and shares about her choices in life and how she has overcome both poverty and losing her spouse.  Read her portrait here.


I’m running an ad on Reddit promoting the survey.  The most shocking thing to me is that the ad has been reported as ‘hate speech.’  I don’t think it is, but asking about Childfree Wealth sets some people off.  Here’s an example of the reports:

2: It’s promoting hate based on identity or vulnerability
1: It’s targeted harassment at someone else

1: It’s targeted harassment at me

I’m going to keep moving forward.  It is important research.  I’m trying to be mindful of everyone but never expected it to be seen as hate speech.

To that end, I need your help.  Please share the survey and interview with all your Childfree friends (US only right now, sorry).  If you are part of a social media group of Childfree folks, please share the link in the group (if allowed).  I appreciate your help.

Thanks so much to all who have already shared the link and participated.

Have any thoughts, questions, or reflections?  Please email me at [email protected]