Live, Learn, Plan, LLC (D/B/A Childfree Wealth)
Form CRS Client Relationship Summary 
August 8, 2022 

Item 1. Introduction 

A. Live, Learn, Plan, LLC is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment advisor and we provide investment advisory services rather than brokerage services. Investment advisory services and brokerage services and fees differ and it is important for the retail investor to understand the differences. This document gives you a summary of the types of services we provide and how you pay. Please ask us for more information.  
B. Free and simple tools are available to research firms and financial professionals at which also provides educational materials about broker-dealers, investment advisors, and investing. 

Item 2. Relationships and Services 
What investment services and advice can you provide me? 

Services: We exclusively offer web-based financial planning services through our proprietary online platform. Financial planning begins with Clients inputting their personal and financial information in our interactive web-based application. Our online platform will evaluate a Client's current and future financial state by using currently known variables to predict future cash flows, asset values, and withdrawal plans while identifying areas for improvement. Clients will receive an electronic report, providing the Client with a detailed financial plan designed to help them to achieve his or her stated financial goals and objectives.
Monitoring: LLP does not manage assets. We will monitor, and review, Client accounts on an ongoing basis to ensure the advisory services provided to you are consistent with your investment needs and objectives. Periodic reviews through our interactive web-based application of online questionnaires may result in recommendations to rebalance Client investment advisory portfolio’s. Periodic reviews of online questionnaires may result in recommendations communicated through our interactive website for areas of improvement.
Investment Authority: If we buy and sell investments in your account without asking you in advance, this is called “discretionary authority”. If we give you advice and you decide what investments to buy and sell, this is called “non-discretionary authority”. We do not provide Investment Management Services, and therefore do not exercise discretion.
Investment Offerings: Our investment advice is not limited to a particular type of security. We provide advice on stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, municipal securities, mutual funds and options in securities. 
Account Minimums: We do not have an account minimum.

Additional Information: Live, Learn, Plan,, LLC initially filed for registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 07/22/2022. The principal owner of the firm is Jay Zigmont, Owner/Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). 

Ask us for our Form ADV Part 2A Brochure for complete details about our services and fees.

Questions you should ask your financial professional. 

Given my financial situation, should I choose an investment advisory service? Why or why not? 
How will you choose investments to recommend to me? 
What is your relevant experience, including your licenses, education and other qualifications? What do these qualifications mean?

Item 3. Fees, Costs, Conflicts, and Standard of Conduct 
What fees will I pay?

Principal Fees and Costs: The fee for ongoing web-based financial planning service is $500 payable monthly in advance. 
We provide additional interactive financial planning coaching on a variety of topics that our Clients can choose from at a rate of $300 per service. For Clients that desire Continued Access to our Technology and Educational Content without interactive financial planning is provided at a rate of $50 payable monthly in advance.
Other Fees and Costs: You are responsible for all custodial and securities broker-dealer execution fees charged by the custodian and executing broker-dealer.

Additional Information: You will pay fees and costs whether you make or lose money on your investments. Fees and costs will reduce any amount of money you make on your investments over time. Please make sure you understand what fees and costs you are paying. Refer to our Form ADV Part 2A Brochure, Item 5.A.B.C.D. for more detailed information about our fees.

Help me understand how these fees and costs might affect my investments. If I give you $10,000 to invest, how much will go to fees and costs, and how much will be invested for me? What are your legal obligations to me when acting as my investment advisor? How else does your firm make money and what conflicts of interest do you have?

What are your legal obligations to me when acting as my investment adviser?
How else does your firm make money and what conflicts of interest do you have?

B. Standard of Conduct 

When we act as your investment adviser, we have to act in your best interest and not put our interest ahead of yours. At the same time, the way we make money creates some conflicts with your interests. You should understand and ask us about these conflicts because they can affect the investment advice we provide you. Here are some examples to help you understand what this means.  
Potential Conflicts: Live, Learn, Plan is compensated on a monthly basis for financial planning services. Due to our compensation structure it is in our interest to keep you enrolled in our web-based services as long as possible. 

How might your conflicts of interest affect me, and how will you address them?

Additional Information: We do not have any relationships or arrangements with any other entity.

How do your financial professionals make money?
We are compensated by ongoing financial planning. 

Item 4. Disciplinary History 

Do you or your financial professionals have legal or disciplinary history? 

No disciplinary history to report. Free and simple search tools are available to retail investors who visit to research our firm and financial professionals.

As a financial professional, do you have any disciplinary history? For what type of conduct?

Item 5. Additional Information

Contact Jay Zigmont, Owner/Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)] Phone: 662-222-1227 for additional information and an up to date copy of the relationship summary; or visit our website at:

Who is my primary contact person? 
Is he or she a representative of an investment adviser or a broker-dealer? 
Who can I talk to if I have concerns about how this person is treating me?