Sixth Meeting with a CFP® - Business Planning

Jun 8 / Jay Zigmont, PHD, MBA, CFP®

Anna (from We’re Not Kidding) and her husband, Grant, agreed to have their financial planning process recorded and shared. Get a rare look behind the scenes of what it is like to work with a CFP® professional. This is the sixth session. Here is the first session, second session, third session, fourth session, & fifth session.
In this session, we walk through business planning. Anna is a Childfree Life Coach who works with women struggling to make the decision on whether or not they want to be childfree. As her business grows, she needs to have a plan. Together with Dr. Jay she’s able to map out what this will look like going forward & how that will impact their finances.
Disclaimer: Anna and Grant have agreed to have their financial planning sessions recorded and shared. They are not being paid for this session or paying for financial planning with Dr. Jay. If you are watching this session, remember that the advice given to Anna and Grant is for them only, and should be considered education or entertainment for your purposes.