Dr. Jay wants to help you create a plan for your taxes

Taxes Suck

While we have no choice but to pay our state and federal taxes, we don't have to give the IRS a 'tip'.  While as Childfree and Permanently Childless people we do not get many credits, we can get smart about how and when we pay our taxes, hopefully to save money in the long run.

Enter Tax Planning

If you have ever wondered how taxes work, if you should do a Roth or Traditional 401k, or an HSA, or if there is a way to save money on your taxes, then you need to do some tax planning. 

Once you have your 2022 taxes completed, you can schedule an hour with me to dig in and do tax planning.  You will get reports about your taxes (sample report, sample explainer) and get a chance to discuss your own financial situation.  

Book an hour with me below for $300 and let's dig in!

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