The Childfree Wealth Process

When working with Childfree Wealth, you'll have access to our entire Childfree Wealth Team. To help the process flow smoothly you'll be assigned a designated Childfree Wealth Specialist as your team leader. Over the next 12 months they'll walk you through our process & help address a variety of different topics. While we require a 12 month commitment, the process may take longer depending on individual factors.

Please be advised, we are only able to work with U.S. Citizens & Residents that currently live in the United States.

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Getting Started

Free Consultation Call

Before committing to our full process, we meet one-on-one via Zoom for one hour. During this free call, we take time to get to know one another. If you are in a couple, we ask that you both attend this call before engaging in our services. At the end of our call, we'll let you know if you'd be a fit for Personalized Support with a Childfree Wealth Specialist.

How do we know if you're a good fit?

At Childfree Wealth, we focus on serving Childfree or permanently childless people. If you have children or are planning to have children, we aren't going to be the right fit.

For individuals & couples who are looking for highly personalized planning we recommend Personal Support with a Childfree Wealth Specialist. This is specifically aimed at those making $100,000 a year or more, have a complex situation, or have a considerable amount of money to invest.

If you're just starting on your financial journey & want to learn at your own pace, we recommend starting with Childfree Wealth Academy.


After every meeting you'll receive an email with a summary of the meeting, helpful resources, & homework to complete. To prevent overwhelm we do our best to limit homework to no more than one or two items each time. After your first meeting, please review the provided material before making the decision to sign up.

Sign Up

Once you've decided to commit you'll subscribe using the link provided to you after your first meeting. If you've been recommended to our Personalized Support with a Childfree Wealth Specialist service, you'll also schedule your next meeting. If you're enrolling in Childfree Wealth Academy, be sure to sign up for one of our group Q&A sessions.

What does Personalized Support with a
Childfree Wealth Specialist look like?

If you've been recommended to work with a Childfree Wealth Specialist 1-on-1, you'll engage in a 1 year planning commitment for $9,000 (billed at $750/month). During this time, you can schedule up to 15 meetings with your Childfree Wealth Specialist. We recommended booking monthly & recognize that in the beginning you may need to book meetings more frequently. You'll also receive access to everything in Childfree Wealth Academy.

A typical schedule can look like this:

1.) Free Consultation Call
This is where we determine if you're the right fit for us, if we can help, & if so, what the best way to help is.

2.) Sign Up
You've officially decided to commit! You'll start by signing the contract, paying your first invoice, & scheduling your next meeting with your Childfree Wealth Specialist.

3.) Second Meeting with your Childfree Wealth Specialist

This will be your first paid meeting & a time to start digging deeper. While the specific discussion topics vary for everyone, we aim to more clearly define your life & financial goals. 

4.) Receive & complete the Financial Information Form.
Please expect this form to take one to two hours to complete. You'll be asked to provide copies of your paystubs, taxes, insurance policies, bank/credit card/loan statements. Some areas may not apply to you, if so, you can skip them.

5.) Account set up call.
After your Financial Information Form is complete, book a 30-minute call with one of our team members to connect your accounts to our financial planning system, Right Capital. Please have your the login & password information for your financial institutions ready. The purpose of this call is to ensure your accounts are properly connected for review.

6.) Third Meeting with your Childfree Wealth Specialist

Prior to this meeting your Childfree Wealth Specialist will review your Financial Information Form & Right Capital account. They'll make note of any items that need addressed & prioritize them while paying attention to your goals. From here, you'll be set to start digging deeper into your finances & move to monthly meetings. 

7.) Ongoing Meetings

After we get through the initial setup, our typical meeting cadence is one meeting per month. In these meetings, we bring one or two things to focus on & ask you do the same. While we might not get to all of them, we prioritize what you'd like to cover.

Our Full Process

Throughout our time together, we'll use the process below as our guide. Everyone is different so, we'll prioritize what's applicable to you & skip what you've already covered. While we try to dive deep into all applicable parts, we may not be able to cover everything. We cover 77 topics. Over the first year, we will cover the priority topics to you & meet you where you're at.

Annual Topic Review

To keep things from slipping through the cracks, we've assigned each month throughout the year a different topic. During your meeting, your Childfree Wealth Specialist will add the monthly topic to the agenda provided it is applicable to you & hasn't been previously addressed.

Each week we send a newsletter with things for you to review.
  • January - Goal Setting
  • February - Preparing for Taxes
  • March - Budgeting and Cash Flow
  • April - Tax Planning
  • May - Retirement and FILE Planning
  • June - Investment Review
  • July - Estate Planning 
  • August - Small Businesses and Side Gigs
  • September - Insurance Checkup
  • October - Employee Benefits and Career Checkup
  • November - End of Year Tax Review
  • December - Year in Review, Annual Checkup

Example Client Meetings

Wonder what it's like being in a real financial planning meeting? Anna (from We're Not Kidding) and her husband, Grant agreed to have their financial planning process recorded and shared. Get a rare look behind the scenes of what it is like to work with a CFP® professional.

Session 1: Introductions & Goal Setting

In this introductory meeting, Dr. Jay’s goal is to get to know Anna & Grant and understand what matters to them.

Session 2: Goal Setting & Budget Prep

The meeting starts with a review of their financial assessment and then dives into goals & reviewing the Money Management Budgeting system.

Session 3: Goal Setting & Budget Check-In

This session dives deeper into Anna & Grant's goals and work on refining their budget. The first month of budgeting is always a challenge & they started over a holiday.

Session 4: Benefits & Budget Check In

Dr. Jay works with Anna & Grant addressing open enrollment, health care benefits, & budgeting.

Session 5: Insurance & Budget Check In

Dig deeper into insurance, including Anna & Grant's experience trying to purchase disability insurance. You'll also hear them check in on their budget.

Session 6: Business Planning

Anna is a Childfree Life Coach who works with women struggling to make the decision on whether or not they want to be childfree. Listen as they create a plan for her business.

What does Childfree Wealth Academy look like?

Childfree Wealth Academy is a collection of 15 courses & over 100 videos that can be completed at your own pace. This is included with your the Personalized Support plan & you'll have access to Group Q&As in addition to the courses.

As an Academy member you'll have the opportunity to signup for regular group Q&As hosted by a Childfree Wealth Specialist. These take place via Zoom & last approximately one hour. Bring your questions & join the conversation!