Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Childfree Wealth® different?

Childfree Wealth® is a life and financial planning firm specifically focused on helping Childfree and Permanently Childless people. Our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ and Childfree Wealth Specialists® are Childfree or Childless and know how a life without kids changes your financial plan. We are also Fee-Only, Flat-Fee, Fiduciaries. What that means is you are the only one paying us and we do not sell any products. One-on-one planning clients have the option to do advice only or investment management.

When will I get access to everything?

Once you sign up you'll get full access to all of the content in the Childfree Wealth Life and Financial Planning System. You'll continue to have access for as long as you are a member. There are optional additional services if you need more help, but that is up to you. 

How does billing work?

You are billed monthly on via credit card, ACH transfer, or from your investment accounts. Cancel with a 30-day notice. 

What financial planning topics do you cover?

Our goal is to provide you with all of the tools to make a comprehensive financial plan. We start with the basics (budgeting, cash flow, debt and money management) and then help you to identify your financial goals. With your financial goals in hand, we cover career planning, owning a small business, student loan repayment, investing and saving, retirement (including Social Security and Medicare), insurance, tax planning, estate planning, caring for elderly family members and more.  

Do you serve Childfree people everywhere?

Childfree Wealth® is a registered investment advisor with the Security and Exchange Commission. We serve people across the US.  Unfortunately, we cannot help people outside the US.

Why do you use the word 'Childfree'?

There is considerable debate out there about the terms Childfree and Childless. The way we look at it is that your financial plan completely changes once you living a life and planning a future without kids. From a financial standpoint it does not matter if you are Childfree by Choice or Childless Not-By-Choice. We respect you and the life that has gotten you to this point. You can use the term you prefer (or no term at all) for your life, but we had to pick one for our company and decided to use the term Childfree Wealth®.  

What does it mean to live a life of Childfree Wealth®?

Based on our research, we have found that living a life of Childfree Wealth® means that you have the time, money and freedom to do what you want. Being Childfree does not automatically make you 'rich' but it does give you more flexibility.  

What does it look like to work together?

The first step in working together is a Childfree Wealth Checkup. Learn more & schedule your own Childfree Wealth Checkup here. After you complete your Childfree Wealth Checkup, if you're a good fit, you'll have the option to enroll in our one-on-one planning process. You can learn more about that here.