Childfree Wealth's Guiding Principles

Oct 24 / Jay Zigmont, PhD, CFP®

Principles matter. At Childfree Wealth®, we have a set of principles that guide both our practice and the financial planning we recommend. In full transparency, we want to share our principles here:

Overarching Principles

We provide ongoing financial planning to Childfree and Permanently Childless people. We define Childfree as that you “don’t have kids and aren’t planning on having kids.” How you got to the point where kids aren’t part of your plan is your own business. It does not matter if you are Childfree by choice, Childless not by choice, or Childless by circumstances, the bottom line is that your financial plan changes once kids are not part of your current and future life.

We embrace everyone. We are committed to diversity and inclusion in both the people we serve and those we hire.

We believe in and support reproductive health, rights, and justice.

Financial Principles

Being Childfree or Permanently Childless means you have a different foundation and goals for your financial plan. 

Your financial plan should reflect you. 

We believe you should focus on the life you want to live and then create a financial plan to get there.  

Everyone deserves to learn how to manage their money and how to move toward financial independence.

Your financial literacy and behaviors with money will have more of an impact on your financial plan than the numbers themselves. 

Debt is stealing from your future. Cutting debt out of your life sets the foundation for financial independence.

You should only invest in things you understand. That means you understand what you are investing in, how the investment impacts your financial plan, and where to keep it (which accounts and the tax implications).

We embrace passive, long-term investing.  

We believe life insurance should be used to protect your income if one of your loved ones relies on it. For most Childfree people, there is a limited or no need for life insurance. 

We all need a plan for long-term care.  

We believe in flat fee financial planning and investing. You should be able to get advice about your finances without paying a percentage of your assets.

We believe in Fee-Only financial planning. We only get paid by you and do not make money from selling you products.

All of our Financial Planners are fiduciaries. 

We call our planners “Childfree Wealth Specialists®” as they live and understand what it is like to be Childfree or Permanently Childless.