Tax Planning 101

We all have to pay taxes and there is no way out of that. We can choose which taxes we pay and when, which may help.


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About the course

Being Childfree impacts your taxes.  While for many people investing can be simple, at times, the tax implications can be a challenge.  Start to grow your understanding of taxes, what you have to pay, and when.

Tax basics

  • How do income taxes work?
  • How do capital gains taxes work?
  • How does the state impact my taxes?

Filing taxes

  • What is the difference between a W2 and 1099 income?
  • Do I need to do taxes for my side gig?
  • Do I need a CPA?

What if...

  • Should I use a Roth, Traditional or Taxable account?
  • What if I sell my house? 

Course Lessons

Jay Zigmont, PhD, MBA, CFP®

Dr. Jay Zigmont, CFP®, and his wife are Childfree and live in Water Valley, MS. He has a Ph.D. in Adult Learning from the University of Connecticut, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Childfree Wealth Specialist. He is the founder of Childfree Wealth, a life and financial planning firm specializing in helping Childfree and Permanently Childless people. He is the author of the book “Portraits of Childfree Wealth” and co-host of the Childfree Wealth Podcast.

He has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, MarketWatch, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Insider, Woman’s World, Investors Business Daily, FinancialPlanning, and many other publications.