Mar 15

Dying Kindness with Cianna - Childfree Wealth Podcast Ep. 72

"Hi, I'm Cianna and I'm going to die someday." 

With this thought-provoking introduction, Cianna Stewart, founder of Dying Kindness prompts questions from those around her.

Today, Bri talks with her as she shares her unique perspective as a caregiver with extensive experience in navigating the complexities of death to the forefront. Drawing from her background working in HIV during the 1990s and her personal encounters with loss, Cianna shares invaluable insights on making key decisions now to ensure a gentler departure for ourselves and greater peace for our loved ones left behind.

In this episode, they explore the often-overlooked topic of death and how we can approach it with kindness and foresight. Regardless of the decision to not have children, embracing the reality of mortality & the impact that will be felt by those left behind can profoundly enrich our lives.

Tune in for a candid conversation on navigating the practical and emotional aspects of planning for death with grace and compassion.

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