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Financial planners, coaches and investment advisors vary greatly.  I focus on helping you learn, rather than ‘taking over’ or putting you into a forced structure.  I am Childfree and know that is different when doing life and financial planning.

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About Dr Jay Zigmont, CFP®

My mission in life is to help people to learn how to live their best life and achieve financial freedom.

As many others, I grew up in a home where we were always struggling to make ends meet.  My parents worked hard but yet it seemed to always be feast or famine in the house.  It wasn’t because we did anything wrong, it was just the only thing we knew to do.  If we wanted more, we had to work more.  We worked hard for our money, and it was gone just as fast at it came in.

Decades later, I learned how debt can ruin your life, and that there was a way to make your money work for you.  Now my wife and I live debt free, have investments, and live a life of financial freedom that is a luxury to most.

Now I’m on a mission to help others.

My wife and I are Childfree.  We know the challenges and how things are different.  We’ve been BINGO’d more times than we can count.  I know you have a different set of values than most, and those need to be respected.

I’ve spent my life learning about how to help people learn better.  I have a PhD in Adult Learning from the University of Connecticut.  That is just a fancy way of saying that I have worked hard to become an expert in both learning and how to help others learn.  I have used those skills to coach both individuals and businesses over the past decade.  Depending on what is needed, I’m a life coach, executive coach, financial coach and/or whatever the learner needs.

I am also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.  Becoming a CFP® professional is a rigorous process that includes four Es: Education (minimum of a Bachelors Degree),  Experience (minimum of 6000 hours), Examination and Ethics.  The result is that I have broad training in the areas of Comprehensive Financial Planning: Financial Planning, Insurance Planning & Risk Management, Investment Planning, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits, and Estate Planning.

I am also a Childfree Wealth Specialist and author of the book, Portraits of Childfree Wealth.  What that means is that I not only specialize in helping Childfree individuals, but have also studied the impact of being Childfree on your life, finances and wealth.  Childfree Wealth to me means you have the Time, Money, and Freedom to achieve your dreams.

Being a CFP® professional also means I am held to a Fiduciary Standard.  The Fiduciary Standard means I MUST put your financial interests ahead of my own. To this end, I am also an Advice-Only and Fee-Only CFP® Professional.  Fee-Only means the only way I get paid is from you.  I don’t get commissions from anyone or any incentives to sell you products.  That means if I make a recommendation it is because I believe it is best for you, not for me. Advice-Only means you pay me for my time and advice, I help you learn, and you manage your own finances (including investing).

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About Childfree Wealth

,Childfree Wealth is a Registered Investment Advisor in Mississippi, serving customers across the US.  We are an Advice-Only, Fee-Only, Fiduciary Financial Planning firm, and only charges for time (no AUM fee or minimum assets).  Our goal is to make financial planning accessible for everyone.  We only charge for time, and follows a passive investment strategy.  That means we don’t try to impress you with fancy tools, but rather focus on investments you can understand and manage yourself.

Live, Learn, Plan and Childfree Wealth is designed around three concepts:

Live – We need to live our best life.  At times we may need to make sacrifices, but only if it improves our life in the long run (has a return on investment).

Learn – We need to be constantly learning how to improve.  Learning means we are making measurable changes and seeing progress.

Plan – We need to plan for both our current life and our future.  The only way to be safe in the future is to have a plan and execute it well.

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