Financial planning that supports your life without kids.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Jay Zigmont- You are awesome!  Congratulations!  For those interested, I can personally attest to the fact that he's a fantastic financial planner and brought up things I never thought about.  We didn't "fit" in other financial advisors molds but with Jay it's perfect!
Angela Hacker-Keene

We'd like to help you create a financial plan that supports the vision you have for your Childfree or permanently childless life.

We offer two forms of support to meet your individual needs.

Personalized Support w/ a
Childfree Wealth Specialist®
$9,000/yr ($750/month)

For those who want highly personalized coaching and planning support. This plan may be for you if you make over $100,000 per year, have a complex situation that needs individualized support, or have a considerable amount of money to invest. This option is $9,000 per year, billed at $750 per month.
Meet with a Childfree Wealth Specialist


  • Regular Meetings with a Childfree Wealth Specialist® up to 15 meetings per year
  • Financial Planning Software


  • Childfree Wealth® Academy

Childfree Wealth®

Our monthly membership program for those who want to learn and implement the foundations of financial planning. This program is self-directed, so you can decide what to prioritize first and learn at your own pace. 

Childfree Wealth Academy


  • Financial Planning Software
  • Assessment Tools
  • Learning Plans
  • Self-directed Program
  • Regular, Live, Group Q&A Sessions
  • Access to 15 Courses - 100+ videos

Portraits of Childfree Wealth

Dr. Jay's book, Portraits of Childfree Wealth, provides a glimpse into how 26 individuals and couples have structured their finances to support their lives and futures without kids.

Get a free copy on us.

Meet Our Childfree Wealth Specialists®

Bri Conn

Investment Advisor Representative

Chief Experience Officer & Childfree Wealth Specialist®
I grew up hearing family members talk about money constantly. I’d be told I needed to create a budget or should only purchase things in cash. Principles that although good, left me confused and defeated.  I'm the co-host of the Childfree Wealth® podcast.  

When I'm not working, you can find me hiking, running, or doing generally anything else that involves being outside. My core values are community, education, social participation, & sustainability.

Meet Our Childfree Wealth Specialists®

Dr. Jay Zigmont


Founder of Childfree Wealth®. Childfree Wealth Specialist®
I’ve been a life and business coach for over a decade. I have a PhD in Adult Learning from the University of Connecticut, an MBA from SCSU. I am the founder of Childfree Wealth, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Childfree Wealth Specialist®. I’m also the author of the book Portraits of Childfree Wealth and the co-host of the Childfree Wealth® podcast. My wife and I are Childfree.

In 2023, Dr Jay was recognized as a "Rising Star" by FinancialPlanning.