Meet our Newest Childfree Wealth Specialist – Corrinne McKenna, MBA, CFP®

Jay Zigmont, PhD, CFP®
Childfree Wealth is proud to announce our newest Childfree Wealth Specialist, Corrinne McKenna, MBA, CFP®.

Corrinne brings to the team a wide variety of life experiences and financial planning background, which we will all benefit from. You can book an intro meeting with her at anytime, but let’s hear from Corrinne herself:

Hi, I'm Corrinne.

As married woman without children, and a professional that has worked in different roles ranging from professional pilot to financial planner, I embrace the idea that life follows no script and an unforeseen path usually takes us to places that enrich our lives in ways we never expected.

I have lived across the United States and internationally. In various homes, on a sailboat and even in a Sprinter van while exploring America’s beauty. I use my financial resources, as well as the scarce resources of time and energy, to live a life directed by values that my husband and I captured in a simple spreadsheet nearly a decade ago - adventure, love, health, growth, meaningful work, and freedom.

What I bring to my financial planning clients is an enthusiasm for the road-less-traveled and the knowledge and experience to take that road in a way that doesn’t threaten security or well-being. If you have a bold goal, I want to be your partner to help you get there. My passion is to work with people who hunger to be daring and different, and just need a battle-buddy to help them fulfill their bold dreams.

I’ve worked in financial planning and counseling since 2016 and I hold the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Accredited Financial Counselor® designations. As a result of my background as a licensed commercial pilot and formally-educated graphic designer (hello, Left Brain and Right Brain!), I bring both an ability to plan for worst-case scenarios and to creatively construct a plan of action in my work as a financial planner.
Want to know more about how Childfree Wealth can help you with your financial plan? Reach out for a no-cost 60 minute introductory meeting with Corrinne at