Here’s your chance to help define what Childfree Wealth and Financial Success look like. 

Would you like to help people understand what it is like to be Childfree in 2022?  Specifically, would you like to help support (or debunk) some of the beliefs around the impact of being Childfree on your finances, life, and goals?  If so, I would love your help.

There are a wide variety of assumptions and expectations that come with being Childfree.  My hope is to dive deep into understanding what are the true benefits and pitfalls of being Childfree, especially as it is related to Childfree Wealth and Financial Planning.  My goal is to write a book that provides a picture of our lived experiences as childfree individuals, couples, and groups.

I plan to utilize both quantitative and qualitative research methods to understand both what is going on and the ‘why’.  Much of the research will be based upon a phenomenological approach, to describe, study, and interpret the experience of being Childfree. 

Here’s how you can help.  I am looking to survey up to 1,000 and interview up to 100 Childfree Individuals, Couples, or Groups.  The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.  After completing the survey, you can volunteer (or not) to be interviewed (via Zoom) for 60 minutes at your convenience.    All who complete the survey will get a free electronic copy of the book when it is completed (the current goal is to complete surveys/interviews by the end of 2022 and publish the book in 2023).

The survey and interview are only open to US residents currently (to help with analysis/comparison).

Ready to help?  You can take the survey here.

Note, the survey only has one question that has your personal identity, and that is your email address so that I can send you the ebook, or if you want to do the interview.  It is not required at all and you can skip it completely (it is the last question).

I truly appreciate your help and think this will be a great book to help people understand what it means to be Childfree.

About Me

Hi, Dr Jay here.  I’m very excited that you are interested in helping me to understand what it means to be Childfree.  A bit about me…  This will be my first financial book, but I have written others including The Foundations of Experiential Learning, and Co-authored Foundations of EMS Systems (2nd and 3rd editions), along with many other chapters and articles in both academic and popular titles.  My PhD is in Adult Learning from the University of Connecticut, and my dissertation was qualitative and on “How Paramedics Learn”.  I am also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.  You can read more about me at

Research methods

The purpose of this phenological study will be to understand lived experiences of Childfree Individuals, Couples, and Groups as it relates to setting and achieving personal, professional, and financial goals.  In particular, the study aims to define ‘Childfree Wealth’ as a reflection of these goals (and how to achieve them).

Research questions include:

  1. What is it like to be Childfree?
  2. What is truly important to Childfree Individuals, Couples, and Groups? (What is ‘Childfree Wealth’)
  3. How does being Childfree impact the achievement of goals? (personal, professional, and financial)
  4. What supports are needed by Childfree Individuals, Couples, and Groups to achieve their goals?


The sample will consist of Childfree Individuals, Couples, and Groups living in the United States aged 18 and older.  For the study, Childfree is defined as “not having children (biological, adopted or step) and not planning on ever having children”.  Convenience and snowball sampling will be utilized until saturation is achieved.

Data Collection and Analysis

Data collection will be completed using an online survey and a semi-structured interview.  The survey will provide both quantitative descriptive data and qualitative short answers.  After completion of the survey participants will be able to volunteer for a 45–60 minute interview.  A constant comparative method will be utilized to inform and improve interview questions throughout.

Survey data will be collected through Jotform and anonymized.  Interviews will be completed via Zoom, recorded, and transcribed for analysis.  Participants will be able to choose their own pseudonyms to maintain anonymity throughout.

Data from participants will be triangulated by observations of the community online, review of the literature, and checking for continuity between survey and interview data.

Data from the surveys and interviews will then be coded.  Coded data will then be analyzed to look for themes and patterns.  Themes, patterns, and quotes from both the surveys and interviews will be utilized to illustrate the findings and answer the research questions.


The goal of the study is to provide an in-depth analysis of the lived experiences of Childfree Individuals, Couples, and Groups.  The data will be presented in book format, structured for readability and applicability of a wide population.

Subjectivity Statement

I, and my wife, are Childfree.  Being Childfree ourselves brings a series of biases that need to be controlled for.  Our own personal experiences did shape some of the initial questions for the interview.  A constant comparative approach will be utilized to help improve the interview tool over time and control for biases.

Additionally, I am a qualitative researcher, an adult learning practitioner, and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.  As a researcher, my goal is to look at the sample objectively, but I will actively comment out my own thoughts and biases as data is analyzed.  As an adult learning practitioner and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, I will have to take an active effort to prevent trying to ‘teach’ or ‘inform’ participants as they are interviewed.  The goal is to hear from the participants, not to share information.

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